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The Investing Secrets Full Collection

$247 Value

The #1 financial-improvement system, The Investing Secrets Collection, will help you discover what you want most in your finances, then give you the proven tools and strategies to start building it into reality. With these twelve secrets, you will learn to what it takes to start changing your financial future. 

Improve your trading, start mastering your finances and utilize these secrets to start building the life you deserve.
  • The Exclusive Better Call Strategy Found Absolutely Nowhere Else...
  • How to Profit when a Stock DOESN'T Move...
  • How to Setup Your Portfolio Like a Casino...
  • 3 Easy Ways to Avoid Being Hit with Pattern Day Trading Restrictions...
  • How to Find and Put on a High Probability Trade in 60 Seconds...
  • What all those Greeks Mean...
  • How to Read an Options Chain for Maximum Knowledge...
  • And Tons More!!!
The students who learned these processes were paying $1,000 a month, now you can get the same lessons for a fraction of the price and you could start seeing the difference in your own financial future...today!

So if you're one of the people who are looking to get ahead financially, and who really need to figure out a way to make their investments work better for them, but can't spend the time it takes to learn and master a complicated set of new investing skills, here's the solution you've been looking for… 

The Investing Secrets Collection
Audio Guides

$47 Value

The #1 financial-improvement system, Investing Secrets, read to you by the author! 

In this training, I walk you through how to make trades that have a high probability of success.
There's no fluff, no messing around, just a rock-solid framework you can follow.
  • Listen Anywhere at Any Time
  • Always Be Prepared For Your Next Trade
  • Additional Commentary Not Found In The Books Included At No Additional Charge
Here’s the bottom line - go through these audio guides and you’ll know how to trade in any market scenario. You’ll never be stuck staring at a blank screen wondering what to do because I’m giving you the tried and true, vigorously tested framework.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg because you’re also getting …

850 Personal Finance Tips from a Top 100 Person in Finance

$847 Value

Now that you're going to sleep better at night with simple strategies that improve your returns, you're also going to need to start changing your financial future so you can reach your financial goals - EVEN FASTER.
How would you like to start changing your financial future in less than a week so you can reach your financial goals even MORE quickly and easily?
  • #351 3 Ways your life insurance company is scamming you!
  • #363 In this day and age, there really shouldn't be any reason to make these common financial mistakes 
  • #656 To be financially successful may mean making sure by the time you graduate from college, you are not in debt or worse off than you started 
  • #727 Because of the large size of the stock market, beginner investors feel overwhelmed as to where to even begin investing their money. 
I’m literally giving you the exact framework for financial success.
This training comes with a no-frills “get it done” set of documents with more personal finance tips than you've seen in your whole life.

It’s just like having me in your office with you, looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do next.
For some people, 850 Personal Finance Tips will pay for years of membership just by itself.

But naturally we’re not stopping there...
"Over-Performance Stocks"
The Backtested Results Proven to 
Beat Buy & Hold

$497 Value

These backtested results are actually two products in one. You’re getting two workbooks on LONG and SHORT backtested results, mathematically proven to outperform buying and holding.

*Of course, we must say it, past performance is not indicative of future results

And in these LONG and SHORT backtested results, you’ll discover exactly how to create your own POWER POSITIONING in your portfolio so that your perfect trades seemingly come straight to you.
In it, you’ll discover …
  • The Power Of Backtesting And How To Exploit It 
  • How To Use ALERTS To Make Yourself Free Of Waiting At A Screen For The Strategies To Show Up
  • Exactly What Settings Have Been Shown To Get The Best Historical Results
  • And Much, Much, More ...
Have you ever wondered why some traders seem to effortlessly rack up wins over and over?

Have you ever wondered why some traders are able to make large returns …without even really trying?

And have you ever wondered why some traders have incredibly loyal and evangelistic followers who wait with baited breath for every market call they make?

The answer lies in having an EDGE and proving that EDGE with BACKTESTING.

If you want to be positioned as the premier trader in your market, this is for you.  It helps you discover exactly what  is shown to work in any market, up or down...

Think about this for a minute.

"Over-Performance Stocks" shows you how to use the power of backtesting and exploit it.

850 Personal Finance Tips from a Top 100 Person in Finance shows you how to craft a winning personal financial blueprint ...on demand …whenever you want.

And in The Investing Secrets Collection, you’ll discover how to make every trade even more powerful by compounding the power of options and leverage. 

Imagine the effect these three trainings alone will have on your trading. ..

I created them specifically to be used together …so the effects of one will simply enhance the effects of the others, therefore making them even more powerful.

And the reason I did that is because I believe that once you use what I’m giving you in these three trainings, you’ll now be ready for the FOURTH training, called …
Special Video  Training
On The Exact Formula We Use To Make Trades Using Our Proprietary
A.I. - Quant Trading Model

$297 Value

You’ve heard of it, but have never seen it happen...

Someone will enter the marketplace, start out doing pretty well …and next thing you know, they’re BLOWING UP HUGE.

Maybe it’s been a competitor of yours, maybe it was a friend.

Regardless, I can tell you one thing for sure:


Going from a “small” to “giant” account is a matter of three things:

Your thinking.

Your systems.

Your processes.

…And this fourth gift I’m sending you takes all three and gets them perfectly aligned.

In this training, I’m literally walking you through the exact mindset, trading systems, and processes I’ve used and shared with my students that have paid over $1,000 per month and you're getting it included with this offer...
Here’s what’s inside:
  • The Only Way To Correctly Use Artificial Intelligence When Trading
  • When Is The Market Really Over-Sold or Over-Bought? 
  • The "Compounder Effect" That's Responsible For Totally Overhauling My Trading Business
  • And Much, Much More ...
And here’s something else that you’ll be happy about.

This isn’t about getting “BIG” in the sense of growing a big team, having a huge staff, having a ton of overhead, or anything like that.

I doubt you got into trading to have headaches like that.

Instead, this is all about getting BIG in terms of knowing how, when and why to put on and take off trades for the best chances of success.

If that’s what you’re looking to accomplish, these trainings are for you.

And like I said, the reason I’m sending you these five brand new trainings is to bribe you to try my exclusive new coaching program called (appropriately) …
The Premier Stock and Options Trader
Coaching Program 
As a SIXTH gift, I’m giving you one full month of the 
10  Minute Stock Trader Inner Circle 
to test drive - For FREE!

Here's What's Included

Daily LIVE Twitter Feed Featuring The Only Exclusive Provider of
Artificial Intelligence Stock Picks From Finclub!
Finclub Has Outperformed Any Other A.I. Trade Provider 
With a 90% Win Rate 

You Get Finclub's Daily Artificial Intelligence Picks Included as a Member of the 10 Minute Stock Trader Inner Circle!

This alone is a $99/Month Value

Every day, I'll meet you on Twitter with a daily update of the best stock picks available on the planet. 

  • Daily Picks and Videos of Trade Entries and Exits For The Portfolio Based On Our Proprietary A.I. - Quant Model in Partnership With Finclub
  • Follow Along As You're Given Why The Trade Was Placed and How To Best Strategize Given Any Market Scenario
  • Alerts Are Sent From Twitter Straight To Your Phone So You Always Know When A Trade Is Placed 
  • ​The Bottom Line Is, We’ll Work LIVE To Get The Best Picks and Best Strategies In Our Portfolio

I’d be willing to bet the farm that just this one aspect of our work together can totally revolutionize your trading...

But let's be clear... This is not a day trading chatroom. I am running several businesses, I'm not here to chat and neither are you. We are here to make the best trades, giving you more time to focus on what is most important in your life and not be stuck to a trading screen.

There will be times where days go by without making any trades...

There will be days where we make tons of trades...

But no matter what the market gives, we are 10 Minute Stock Traders, we let trades come to us using the best Artificial Intelligence Stock Picks in the market.

Everyone Knows That Having A 
Repeatable Edge With Quant Trading 
Is Where The Real Profit Is. 

But What Happens When You Combine It With The Power Of Artificial Intelligence...

The Easiest Trade To Make Is The One That's Made For You..

Using Our Proprietary Model, We Let The Trades Come To Us. But Many Traders Only Think About Getting More Action And Forget The Goldmines Of Just Following A Trend - Until It Bends...

You Get Access To The Model, Updated Daily So You'll Know Exactly What Has Been Identified As The 
Best Trades In The Market - In Addition To - Finclub's Daily List

The Goal Of The A.I. - Quant Model Is Simple...

  • Identify The Strongest, Or Weakest, Sectors According to Finclub's Artificial Intelligence
  • Next, Combine Their Data With Backtested Strategies, Proven To Beat Buy & Hold
  • Now We Have A Powerful Combination That Will Allow Us To Identify Which Sectors Have The HIGHEST PROBABILTY Of Going In A Trend, Riding That Trend, And Exiting The Trend Before It Reverses
  • ​The Bottom Line Is, Our Model Allows Us To Put On Trades With The Highest Rewards and Lowest Risk

In The Last Two Weeks Of October 2019, Our Model Gave Us The Following Returns Using Targeted Options Strategies:

XLU +6.71%
XLY +7.25%
QQQ +29.02%
XLV +9.11%
XLF +24.67%
SPY +26.23%
XLC +11.29%
QQQ +10.52%

Combined For A Full Portfolio Gain Of Over 20% In Just Two Weeks!

*Of course, past performance is not indicative of future results.

Full 10 Minute Stock Trader
Portfolio Access

Would You Like To See The Windfalls We Currently Have In The Portfolio?

Would You Like To See The Trade Setup?

Copy The Framework?

The Buy And Sell Point Structure?

…And Everything In The Whole Open And Closed Trades Portfolio?

Good. You’re In The Right Place.

It’s LOADED With Real Money, No Gimmick Trades, Strategies, Tactics, And Case Studies Revealing What’s Working RIGHT NOW.

  •  You CANNOT Get These Kinds Of Returns Just By Buying A Stock
  • We Strategically Use Options And Leverage To Give Us Gains Like You See Here
  • 299.75% Gain From ONE Trade In NFLX On Earnings...
  • ​The Bottom Line Is, Our Model Allows Us To Put On Trades With The Highest Rewards and Lowest Risk

Sure, NETFLIX is Great... But Can You Make Money By Watching NETFLIX?

That's Where TRADER-FLIX Comes In!

Included In Your Inner Circle Membership Every Month Is A Tested And Proven Training Module Used By The Most Elite Traders In The World

You Can "Plug In" These Training Modules To Your Trading Right Away

These Are Direct Lessons I've Learned From Some Of The Most Famous And Successful Traders In The World

And They're Yours For FREE As An Inner Circle Member

And This Isn't Just Some Made Up Lesson Or Re-purposed Podcast

These Lessons Are Not Available Anywhere Else

You’re Getting Actual Modules Based On What I’m Personally Using In My Own Portfolio 

So You Know It's Effective

The Way You Trade Is About To Be Revolutionized

  •  Trading Is Just A Game Between Buyers And Sellers - And You'll Learn How To Finally, Effectively Play The Game For Yourself
  • ​You Will Learn About The Volatility Contraction Patterns, And How They Make Explosive Gains
  • How To Configure Your Charting Software To Backtest Right On The Screen And Visually See If Your Stock Is Moving As You Expected
  • ​You'll Learn The First Rule Of Trading - It's Simple And Obvious But Nearly Always Over Looked
  • ​And Much, Much More!

Other Sites Will Try To Charge You




Or More For These Exact Lessons!

But You Get These Incredibly Detailed Training Modules And All The TRADER-FLIX Lessons
- For Free -
 Updated Monthly As A Member of the 


Every Successful Person, No Matter Their Field, Knows That Success Starts In The Mind First
I'm Giving You The Trading Tactics, Strategies, And Even The Meditations That Are Proven To Work 

The Bottom Line Is This: These Millionaire Trainings Are From Some Of The Most Famous Traders In the World. They're Not Just Telling You What To Do, They're Showing You Exactly How To Do It
And The Sound Mind Meditations Should Be Practiced Every Single Day, Without Fail, To Quiet Your Mind And Focus On The Success You've Been Searching For...

You Can Watch Them On Your Computer, Upload Them To The Cloud, Or Play Them On Your Phone, Tablet Or Anywhere Else You Want

And The Reason Why You're Getting The Trader Toolbox Is Because I Think This Will Get You The Results You Want Even Faster
…And That’s What This Program Is All About. 

Plus, if you get the results you’re after - you’ll probably stay a member!

And speaking of that,

Here's How Much Everything "Costs"...

You’re getting FIVE brand new products
The Investing Secrets Collection - $247 Value
The Investing Secrets Audiobooks - $47 Value
850 Personal Finance Tips - $847 Value
"Over-Performance" Stocks - $497 Value
How To Trade In 10 Minutes A Day Video Training - $297 Value

Plus One Month Free Of Inner Circle Membership
Finclub's Artificial Intelligence Daily Stock Picks - $1,188 Annual Value
Private Access Twitter Feed - $297 Value
A.I. - Quant Model Access - $997 Value
10 Minute Stock Trader Portfolio Access - $497 Value
TRADER-FLIX - $2,497 Value
Millionaire Training and Sound Mind Meditation - $497 Value
Plus HUNDRED$ in Un-Advertised Bonuses Included For FREE!!!

Total Value  $7,908

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All as a blatant and shameless bribe to get you to try your first month’s membership of the 10 Minute Stock Trader Inner Circle 
This includes your first month’s access to the Inner Circle and All the numerous benefits we already talked about above...

If you decide that you don’t want to be a member during your free month’s test drive, let me know and you won’t be charged anything else.

If you choose to stay a member after your free month’s test-drive, it’s just …

$9.90 Per Day

…Which adds up to only $297 a month.

Not prohibitively expensive …but enough to keep the knuckleheads out and enough to keep our membership deliberately small.

I don’t want (or need) a huge subscriber base for this program …just the right group of core customers.

Now - this is the point where I’m supposed to tell you how much you’ll love being a member, how much money it’ll make you, and all of that.

I won’t do that. 

Instead …
Let's Do Something Different
How about we just let the value speak for itself?

You’re getting a full month totally free with this package.

If you don’t think it’s easily worth twice the cost (that’s only $19.80 per day by the way), fire me. 😂

Just email me, or go to my website to cancel and you’ll never be billed another dime.

You can cancel any time by emailing us at support@10MinuteStockTrader.com

Plus you can keep everything anyway.

You don’t have to return anything or jump through hoops - just let me know and I’ll cancel your membership.

All five gifts, The Investing Secrets Collection, The Audiobooks, The 850 Personal Finance Tips, "Over-Performance Stocks" and The Video Training On How To Trade In 10 Minutes A Day are yours to keep regardless.

This way, the risk is 100% on me.

So there you have it.

You’re getting five amazing brand new systems today as a shameless bribe to get you to test drive my new Inner Circle program for a month, free.

All five of these gifts are your to keep no matter what - even if you decide not to remain a member.

There’s no risk to you and nothing to send back - just email me at support@10MinuteStockTrader.com before your test-drive is over and you won’t be billed.

But you can still keep everything for free anyway - just for taking a look!

Thanks so much for reading this letter and I look forward to seeing you on Twitter later today!


Christopher M. Uhl, CMA, MOSM
Two Time Top 100 Person in Finance
Host of the How To Trade Stocks and Options Podcast
Founder and Head Trader at 10MinuteStockTrader.com

P.S. If you remain a member, the dues are only $297 per month. That’s just $9.90 per day.

I did a Google search for “what can you buy for $9.90”.

The most compelling thing was “990 tootsie rolls at a school cafeteria.”

That was on Yahoo Answers.

So let me ask you …which would you rather have?

A massive amount of tootsie rolls (and the ensuing cavities) or cutting edge trading tactics delivered right on your screen …accompanied by live trainings and TRADER-FLIX?

This is obviously a no-brainer …but why decide today?

Accept the gifts and just say “MAYBE”...

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