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Let's Go Back to College where My Journey into Finance Actually Began...
My story starts at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. I went there on a band scholarship but had planned to major in business. I figured the easiest degree to get a job in would be business. I decided to concentrate on the management career track, but I never intended to be a manager at your local Walgreens or anything like that, it was the path that required the least amount of hours. I managed to graduate with a 4 year degree in 3, which is unheard of by today's standards, but when you take like 18 hours a semester and another 12 in the summer, the hours add up quick. While I was working on this degree, I obviously had to take finance courses, and that was where my seed for finance was planted. Nothing in particular, other than the compounding of interest and working with numbers were was attracted me. Options were mentioned, but not really discussed in depth, I don't even think they were on an exam, and if they were now, I'd be at a PhD level for sure.

I went onto get an MBA from Henderson State University and while their MBA doesn't have assigned tracks, I took every finance course that was offered, because I knew that was my passion and what I liked to study. I graduated in December 2008, which could have been the worst time ever to go into the job market. I was completely unemployed for 2 months and my new wife and I had fully intended to move back to the Dallas area, where we are both from, but looking for one of the 5 jobs available from a different state, I wasn't making much progress.
Joining the Corporate Workforce, isn't that what you're supposed to do?
In February 2009 I started working a temp position with CT Corp in downtown Dallas. It paid the bills and allowed me and my wife to transfer back home but I knew it wasn't what I wanted long term. I managed to land an interview and a job at Raytheon though, in finance. Now this was where I was meant to be! (Or so I thought). I spent a year and a half working in the billing (accounts receivable) area, I essentially prepared bills that were sent to the government, nice right? After I became ludicrously bored doing that I managed to get a promotion (which at Raytheon, there's like a million levels of positions, so I went from an A01 to an A02, out of like A99, but it was a raise.) I worked now with project finance, which was much more interesting. I had a Department Of Defense secret level clearance and saw some pretty cool projects, none of which I can talk about... Anyways, I grew tired of that as well, the redundant systems, the bureaucracy, the deadlines, the false panic all the time. Honestly, it was just people looking to stress out over being stressed out. It wasn't where I was meant to be for sure.

I left there and went to my absolute least favorite job at Union Standard Insurance Company in Irving, Texas. While the company itself was fine, I just wasn't cut out for it. Within two months of starting, I was already looking to leave and interviewing. My manager had a CMA, Certified Management Accounting designation and suggested that if I wanted to study for it, the company would pay for it. Well, that was enough motivation that if I could achieve this, I would be out the door, which I promptly started on. After 13 months of loathing the people, commute and the job, I managed to get the CMA and within a week of telling my manager I passed, I handed him my 2 weeks notice. His response was "I knew I should have trusted my gut and not hired you." - yeah that made my decision to leave feel realllllllyyyyy good....

I landed at Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union.  Anyways, I have the exact opposite situation here as I did at Union Standard, I like the people and the work is good for 9 weeks of the quarter. The other 3 weeks are pure, nose to the grindstone, no talking, no breathing, we have so much work to do misery, but they're so short lived that it's worth the other 9 weeks. They allow me to work autonomously and I have developed a stellar reputation for my work ethic and quality that I'm not really bothered much. Just get the work done and we are all happy. I review balance sheets of around 40 credit unions each quarter. I assess their risk profile and tolerance for interest rate risk changes. When I try to explain that to people I just say, "I do math for a living."
Options Trading
But there was one day, while I was “mathing” that changed my life. My boss was talking about Deutsche Bank, they were having some sort of controversy and he suggested buying puts. He’s a pretty sophisticated investor, so I thought, so I googled how to buy puts. I was taken to the Yahoo Finance page were I was shown about a hundred numbers and half of one side of the screen was shaded then the other half was white and I was all kinds of confused… I thought, what does all this even mean?

I found a videos that vaguely explained how by buying a put or this mysterious call they mentioned, that I would have “control” over 100 shares of stock for just a few cents per share. I was very intrigued. So I watched some more and became even more intrigued. Then I found OptionAlpha and TastyTrade, both of which helped develop my trading style and taught me, for free, how to trade. These tools gave me the knowledge to make consistent monthly income from selling, not buying, stock options, both calls and puts. Even if you’ve never heard of these mysterious financial terms before, and most people haven’t, I want to show you exactly how I trade, absolutely free. You will be able to see exactly how I have managed to use this leverage to change mine and my family’s lives forever. Thanks for checking out; I’m so excited to show you what I’ve been working on.
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